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Portable Air Fire Flame Humidifier With Aroma Oil

Portable Air Fire Flame Humidifier With Aroma Oil

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Say goodbay to insomnia!

  • Improves air quality: the flame diffuser ensures humidity even in the stuffy rooms. This is better for the mucous membranes and improves oxygen absorption
  • Easy to use: simply place in the room, fill with water, connect with the included cable and press the left button and you're ready to go. With the right button you turn on the lighting in the standard colour orange, when pressing again the colours rotate through. Press again to set the current colour.
  • Works perfectly with fragrance oils ā€“ a fragrance oil or essential oil can be added. The diffuser gradually distributes the smell throughout the room
  • Many different colours ā€“ the flame diffuser can rotate through different colours. The colour can also be adjusted firmly.


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